by Nicholas Killewald

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jan February 2015

Greetings. Welcome to the Dementia of Magic, a somewhat silly plot-grounded comic, updated MWF (eventually). Sit back, enjoy, read the story, have a look around, just have a nutty good time. And, just because, hit up the Google Group or drop me an email.

If you're new here, you're best off starting from the beginning. It's quite a bit plot-dependent.

February 24, 2015:

I really should update the news more often. Say, that gives me an idea for the parser script...

Things are going slow, but they're still going. Though maybe I should start on a Chapter Three book, now that I think about it. Or redraw all of Chapter One so I can put it in a book. It's been slow enough around here, hasn't it?

And you know what? Maybe I should install PROPER forum software somewhere and use that, rather than Google's discussiony thingy. That won't get anyone to use it, I'm sure, but hey, something to do, right? Right.

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